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Car Detailing Services in Karachi

It is a brilliant idea to avoid using household products like different dishes or body soaps. All Fixdar car detailing professionals will recommend that you avoid using chemicals that have been designed for cleaning other products in your home. Unfortunately, many people fail to follow the instructions of their car detailing professional. This results in the protective wax peeling off the paint on their cars immediately. That is just one of the numerous mistakes that car owners make all over the city.

Our highly skilled Fixdar Car Detailing and maintenance professionals recommend that if dirt and grime start building up, that by the time you finally clean your car, you can end up sponge junk into the vehicle’s paint. Acids from common pollution, insects, and bird feces can end up soaking under your car’s paint and cause it to prematurely peel. Call Fixdar Car Detailing Services in Karachi and one of our mobile Car Maintenance technicians will take care of your vehicle.

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Professional And reliable

Fixdar Car maintenance services in Karachi is the best car care and automotive detailing service. We specialise and are experienced in paintless dent removal, high-end Car Detailing Services, paint correction, nanoceramic coatings, and paint protection film. We fully satisfy our customers. Our highly trained, professional and skilled mobile car wash detailing specialists use cutting-edge techniques, new instruments and technology to provide every vehicle we work on with long-term protection and incredible finishes. We will come to you. We travel in your area to provide service to our customers. All we need from you is an electrical output close by to work with. We don’t bring a generator since it is awkward for your neighbors to have to listen to a running generator. You want your car to be thoroughly cleaned, fully detailed and that is what we will provide you with. You work hard day and night for your money, so we will ensure that you get more than what you pay for. If we happen to miss anything, we will fix it. If we are unable to clean an area, then we will let you know and offer suggestions and proposals for solutions on what can be done. We are very sincere about the job we do. After many years of doing this, we are continuing to learn and improve our techniques, tools and systems. We never claim to know everything, and new challenges are something we are always prepared to address it.

Car Detailing Professionals

If you are searching for a mobile car detailing near me specialist company in Karachi that will provide you with exceptional results in terms of high quality customer service, then you are in exactly the right place. Fixdar Car Maintenance Services in Karachi don’t mean to brag (well perhaps we are bragging just a little), but our professionalism and quality of mobile auto detailing service is well beyond what is typically offered by most other car detailing services and detailers. The experience that you have with Fixdar car maintenance karachi will be hassle-free and seamless. You will choose the time and date for us to do the detailing on your car and then we will provide you with the best results. We will arrive on time (and will let you know if we are running late) because Fixdar know that your time is precious. We don’t miss any details (however, if we do, we will acknowledge it and get it done).

We stand tall on our promise of delivering quality service of car detailing with our professional team of experts. Highly-skilled, professional and well-trained, every member of the Fixdar team is here to help you; our team conducts a thorough check-up of your car and recommends a car detailing package that is the best solution for your car needs.

Car Detailing Professionals karachi Car Detailing Professionals karachi
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Car Detailing Near Me

Every person in our team is professional and geared with skills to understand each and every component of your car. That’s how we are able to work towards our target of providing the best possible car exterior detailing as well as car interior cleaning services in no time at all. Post a detailed check-up, our professional team gives an honest feedback on the needs of your car. You can give us a call for any car detailing related problems instead of going through Car Detailing near me online. We have awesome customer service; we answer all phone calls 24/7 and emails promptly, answer any questions you have, and guide you through the whole process step-by-step.

Service That’s Ready To Deliver Car cleaning

Fixdar bring for the first time in Karachi the safest and most convenient way of keeping your Car cleaning and ready to hit the roads around the city. We are one of the first car cleaning services companies in Karachi offering car cleaning services and car detailing Karachi at homes. We have the resources, experience, expertise, and passion to bring in the real value for your vehicle.

With our car wash at doorstep in Karachi, you now don’t have to worry about making time and waiting in long frustrating inquiries in car wash stations, which aren’t even trained professionals to wash your car.

Are you aware that many of the car washing stations in Karachi used (hard water) for cleaning purposes? And while that might not sound scary at first, over the period of time hard water can seriously damage your car body leaving it exposed to rust. This is one of the leading reasons why you see the majority of vehicles in Karachi getting rusty after a few years in service.

A Company That’s Committed To You

At Fixdar, we bring about a unique passion and dedication to deliver excellent services to car owners in Karachi. Being an international model, we bring about the latest technology and tools along with the most experienced and highly trained staff to ensure the best and highest standard Car Wash in Karachi.

When you hire our Car Maintenance in Karachi, rest assured that you have partnered with a company that won’t leave any stone unturned to deliver you complete satisfaction for your car.



Fixdar offered affordable and highly competitive pricing for its cleaning and car Wash in Karachi. Now, you don’t have to rely on sub-standard car cleaning stations in Karachi, while you can have a guaranteed car wash in Karachi at your door step in the same price range.

Genuine Products

We work with high-quality Car Detailing Products to deliver the best car interior and exterior cleaning services that match international standards. Rest assured that your vehicle will appear spotless with the use of eco-friendly hygiene and high quality products. Your search for car detailing services near me ends at Fixdar.

Guaranteed Services

At Fixdar car maintenance, guarantee the highest standard for all our services. With the latest technology, latest instruments, highly trained and professional staff and a commitment to deliver, you can trust our car detailing services to leave your car clean for a happy you!

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We are a complete environmental friendly business model and offer all detailing services in line with environmental safety rules. Fixdar provides professional Car Detailing, Car Maintenance, Car Wash, car Cleaning Services in your area
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